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Message for the whole world




My son, this is My message for the whole world.


I am He who am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator and the Saviour, the Planner and the Fulfiller, the One and the All, the First and the Last. I am He who is, was, and will be.


I have come to take care of Mine and all Mine. The whole creation belongs to Me. All that exists comes from Me, from My Love.


I am Love and the God of Love. I am Love Myself and all I have made is out of Love. My Love is the beginning and end of all. I have planned it from the beginning that all will find fulfilment in My Love, and only in My Love can anything that is, find the fulfilment of its being.


More especially, only in My Love can any soul or any person find salvation and fulfilment. Nothing can be saved outside My Love and all are destined for salvation and fulfilment in My Love.


I love all that I have made, and will always love all I have made, for I am Love and Love and Love, Infinite Love. It is My eternal desire to bring all My creation to eternal fulfilment in My Love. It is My eternal Will to establish the reign of My Infinite Love in all My creation even among non-living things. It is My lasting and eternal Will which I have decided to realise and bring to perfect fulfilment.


I am God and no other. I will establish the reign of My Love in My entire creation. There will be peace and Love reigning in and around, with and through all My creation.


I have already established My Kingdom in heaven, My eternal Kingdom in heaven among My angels and saints. Now it is My eternal desire to establish the same reign of Mine on earth, where My Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


I mean that all My creation will enjoy the loving presence and reign of My Love. I am Love and the God of Love and the God of All. By Myself I have decided it and I will bring My eternal plan to perfect fulfilment.


Now I have sent My Son into the world as man to show all men - all My creation - how much I love them using the human manifestation that they will understand and follow. I called all to follow My Beloved Son, to be united with Him.


It is My Will to unite all things in Him, things on earth and things in heaven. It is My eternal Will to establish My Kingdom as the Kingdom and the reign of My Son, My Only Begotten Son and to bring all to love and honour Him.


I gave Him a Name which is above every name, that at the mention of His Name, Jesus Christ, every knee should bow and every head prostrate and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ, My Son, is the Lord.


Let nobody think, that he can please God if he does not love and worship My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Any person or soul or creature, spiritual or material or otherwise, that refuses to love and serve and honour and worship Him and be united with Him the One Lord Jesus Christ has already condemned himself/herself to eternal separation and discord and hatred and therefore to eternal punishment.


Every person, every soul, every spirit, every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and everywhere in My entire creation, must serve and honour and worship My Son forever and ever.


That is My eternal Will. This I have decreed from all eternity, out of My infinite Love. Only in Him and with Him and through Him do I want to create and save and fulfil all My creation in heaven and on earth.


Nobody can come to Me without Him. He is the Only way, the truth and the Life. Him alone have I sent as the perfect image of Myself, He alone is My Begotten Son. He alone is Lord. He alone is the Saviour.


Only in Him and with Him and through Him anybody, any creature in heaven and on earth can come to Me. In Him, through Him and for Him, I have made all things and will bring all things to fulfilment.


My Love, write what I tell you: it is the eternal and unchanging truth, truth of life, truth of Love, the eternal truth of God. I alone am God. And you are My Love.


Now is the time for the Reign of Love and We (the Most Holy Trinity of Love) have sent you to establish the reign of Love in all creation, in every heart and soul, in every person. We have sent you to enkindle the fire of Divine Love in every heart and home and community, in every soul and every person, in every creature, in all creation.


My Love, let the Splendour of your God shine in you and through you to all creation. Live the life We have ordained for you and sent you to live. Live it fully and uncompromisingly, and let all see the glorious Splendour of your God, your Love and your All shining in you. (My God, My Love and My All.)


Love is Divine. Love is of God. God is Love. And all are called to Love, because Love comes from God and Love is of God and God is Love and Love is God. God from God, Light from Light, Love from Love, True God from True God. 



The Kingdom of God

is the Kingdom of Christ His Son
    and the Kingdom of His Love.

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